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Hi, I’m  Coach Sid

I am known as the Coach’s Coach.

I help you master the Art, Science & Business of Coaching. I lived most of my life without owning my superpower. Today I empower thousands of coaches and leaders to amplify theirs and I owe everything to the power of coaching.

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Coach Sid

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Coach sid
I believe that…

Coaching is no longer a profession, it is a life skill.

Coaching is no longer
a profession, it is a life skill.

And today, it is the most important life skill to master in order to become

A better leader
A better creator
A better partner
A better parent
A better human

Want to navigate your biggest challenges at work or in life with ease?

Become your own best coach!
I am on a mission to…

To make coaching a way of life by accelerating the success of a million coaches around the world.

Here are 3 different ways I can support you on your journey:


1-on-1 Transformational
Coaching for Leaders & Coaches

Every year I work with a handful of leaders and coaches on their journey of transformation.

As their coach, sherpa and guide, I create space for insights and practices that create not just temporary shifts, but long lasting transformation.


The Coaching Lab – Group Mentoring for Coaches

Twice a year I curate a 3 month immersive group mentoring program for coaches to master the art & science of coaching and to learn the systems & tools to create a successful coaching business, that they love!


The Breakthrough Weekend

A curated weekend that I design for game changing entrepreneurs, creative visionaries and leaders to elevate them to their next level of success.

Coach sid
I am passionate about…

Bringing communities together through unique learning experiences to unlock collective wisdom

Wisdom for me is not just about a few wise people.
It is about entire communities making wiser decisions to create a better world.

This is why I am fired up to create spaces and experiences where such communities come together to push humanity forward.

Delivering one powerful coaching insight every Thursday morning.

Join a community of 5000+ coaches who Coach with ConfidenceEvery Thursday morning, you’ll get 1 actionable insight from me to master the art, science and business of coaching.

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