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5 Red Flags That Are Killing Your Client Creation As A Coach.

sent by Siddharth Anantharam    |  October 12, 2023

sent by Siddharth Anantharam
October 12, 2023

The Key Lies in Distinction.

5 Core Distinctions For Creating Clients

1. Looking Interesting vs Being Interested

Imagine Sarah, a life coach. When a potential client, Lisa, approaches her, instead of boasting about her certifications, success stories, or methodologies, Sarah asks Lisa about her life aspirations, her challenges, and her moments of joy and sorrow. By the end of the session, Lisa doesn’t remember any credentials Sarah might have mentioned, but she certainly feels heard, understood, and hopeful. Sarah’s genuine interest in Lisa’s life creates a bond far more powerful than any list of accomplishments ever could.

2. Obsessing about Earning vs Focusing on Learning

Example: Consider John, a budding health coach. In his initial months, he offers free sessions to a variety of clients. Some conversations invigorate him, while others leave him exhausted. By the end of six months, not only does he discover his passion niche within health coaching, but he also identifies which methodologies work best for him and where he needs further training. This foundation of self-awareness and tailored expertise positions him for a more fulfilling and lucrative career in the long run than if he'd simply chased immediate payment.

3. Selling Transactionally vs Serving Transformationally.

Take Emily, a business coach, meeting a young entrepreneur, Alex. Instead of using pressure tactics or showcasing her packages, Emily spends time understanding Alex's business vision, challenges, and aspirations. By focusing on how she can serve Alex and help him realize his dreams, she creates a space where Alex sees the value of her coaching. Emily might not ‘sell’ in that first interaction, but Alex, recognizing the potential transformation, eagerly signs up for her services.

4. Lengthy Explanations vs Simple Experiences

David, a relationship coach, meets a couple struggling with communication issues. Instead of diving into theories or explaining how his sessions work, David conducts a mini-session right there. The couple experiences a breakthrough, understanding each other's perspective for the first time in months. They don't need any further explanation. Having experienced the value David brings, they’re ready to embark on their coaching journey with him.

5. FOMO vs No More.

Meet Sam, an emerging life coach. He constantly sees other coaches launching fancy websites, attending expensive courses, and marketing on every social media platform. Feeling pressured, Sam begins to invest time and money into creating a website, joining multiple platforms, and enrolling in various courses. He soon finds himself overwhelmed, spreading too thin, and losing sight of his coaching essence.

On the other hand, Lisa, another aspiring life coach, decides to follow the "Less is More" philosophy. She dedicates her time primarily to having genuine conversations, understanding her clients' needs, and practicing her coaching techniques. Instead of juggling multiple platforms, she chooses one where she feels most connected to her audience. Lisa's focused approach not only helps her connect more deeply with her clients but also allows her to refine her skills more efficiently.

What distinction resonates most with you in your coaching journey? Share your thoughts and let’s learn together.

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