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How to Coach Your Clients To Think Long Term In A Short Term World

sent by Siddharth Anantharam    |  May 04, 2023

sent by Siddharth Anantharam
May 04, 2023

Have you observed how over the past decade, entrepreneurs and coaches are expected to produce BIGGER and BETTER results in SHORTER periods of time?

The general feeling is “I just don’t have enough time. Yet I must get this done.”

What if as a coach, you could help your clients shift their relationship with time?

In this latest edition of the newsletter, I share 3 ways you coach your clients to shift their relationship with time – and put themselves in the best possible mindset to take massive action, without overwhelm.

Before I share more about that, here’s something I found super intriguing.

Do you know that astronauts who come back to Earth after spending time in space report a whole new perspective on life?

They have a greater sense of clarity, unity, patience and responsibility.

After watching Earth from outer space, they share how some of our big problems look smaller, conflicts seem trivial and our immediate short-term wants disappear.

They call this The Overview Effect.

Now, what if you could trigger a similar Overview effect for your own life and business?

What if the next time you have a big goal to accomplish you stepped back and took on this long term view on life and business?

What if the next time you feel stuck, face a conflict, or feel like giving up, you could step back and shift your perspective?

Here’s something I share with entrepreneurs and creative visionaries, especially those who have a big mission;

It’s not the BIG goal or dream that overwhelms you, it’s the deadline you set towards achieving them. Your goals are never unrealistic, your deadlines often are.

Here are 3 time tricks to coach your clients to help your clients shift their relationship with time.

Time Trick 1: Create A 25 Year Future.

One reason so many of us believe that we don’t have enough time is because we try to focus on everything we wish to create all at once. Then comes the need to get it done right or achieve it “perfectly”

Not only does this lead us to feeling like a failure when we can’t get everything done at once. But it gets worse. Chronic procrastination sets in because we don’t want to start something unless we have an upfront guarantee of success.

Perfectionism fuels procrastination and that wastes valuable time, energy and focus.

Coaching Tool - The 25 Year Vision

Coaching Tool - The 25 Year Vision

Think of a goal or an important area of your life that you wish to make progress in.

What if instead of focussing on the next month or the next year, you gave yourself 25 years to achieve everything that was important for you?

What if you gave yourself 25 years to transform your life or business? What would you choose to focus on creating, improving or growing?

Most entrepreneurs suddenly feel a huge sense of relief when I pop this question. Because there is a sudden realization that the goal that currently looks impossible suddenly feels so much more achievable. And not just that, it feels like it can be achieved with enough time to spare.

Peter Diamandis, the legendary entrepreneur, innovator and pioneer of the X-Prize Foundation, refers to this as your Massively Transformative Purpose (MTP).

Recently, I sat down to create my own 25 Year Vision, my personal MTP.

Here’s what I came up with.

A gamechanger for me is someone who is breaking the status quo and radically transforming an industry, field or themselves to create incredible value for

Here’s what writing this down brought out for me?

1. Does it  inspire me? Oh Yes!

2. Does it scare me a little and excite me a lot? Absolutely!

3. Does it make a difference to the planet? Hell Yeah!

It passed my own filters and that’s when I knew I was on to something that I could feel energized about waking up to, every single day for the next 25 years.

Time Trick 2: Break Your 25 year vision into 100 breakthrough quarters.

Creating a 25 year vision or mission is just the first step. What makes it actionable and achievable is how you break it down into smaller goals that actually create breakthroughs along the way.

90 days for me hits the sweet spot for this planning. Not only because it seems easy enough to plan for but also because 90 days or 3 months is exactly 1% of your 25 year vision.

The perspective of knowing that every quarter or in every 90 days, literally 1% of your 25 year is being created is incredibly relaxing and puts you in the best possible mindset to take action and drive results.

Coaching Tool - 100 Breakthrough Quarters

Just like companies have quarterly reviews and board meetings, think of this as your own quarterly board meeting with yourself. Each 90 day window is a fantastic period to create new breakthroughs and fuel consistent progress.

The best part – it’s not overwhelming! Even though you have a big mission, you are not worried because all you are planning for and focussing on is your next 90 day window.

Your wins each quarter fuel your next 1% and as quarter becomes more productive you literally feel like time is slowing down.

In order to make 1% progress towards my own 25-year vision that I shared earlier, I committed to creating something that I call The Breakthrough Weekend.

A journey to creating a million breakthroughs starts with a single weekend this quarter where I am inviting 12 creative visionaries, entrepreneurs and high performing gamechangers to see how we can create and support each other on our 25 year goals.

Learn more about it here —>

Time Trick 3: Play With Other GameChangers Who Are Thinking Long Term.

As most entpreneurs move towards creating bigger and bolder goals along their 25 year journey, they get stuck in the HOWs.

As life and business gets more complex, the more the entrepreneur gets sucked into the day to day of the business and the more they lose touch with their big WHY- their 25 year commitment.

This is when it becomes important to find the right WHO’s – people who are playing the long game like you and who can either join your mission as team members or who can 10x your results by becoming your allies, sounboards and collaborators.

Coaching Tool - Your Lifeline Relationships

As a coach, helping your clients identify which areas of life or business they could most use support in is critical. This is what’s going to help them play full out with greater fulfillment and lesser frustration.

I like inviting my clients to list down 5 people in their networks who are playing long term game just like them and then setting up a chat with them to find out more about their 25 year missions..

During this process I realized that 80% of  entrepreneurs could not think of 5 such long term players in their network. This blew my mind and this is when I realized that that I had to create such a community and space where GameChangers could play that role for each other.

The Breakthrough Weekend is that space where I am bringing together people who are in it to play long-term games with other long term people. Curious? Learn more here —>

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