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How To Crush Your Year-End Goals and Love Every Minute of It

sent by Siddharth Anantharam    |  October 5, 2023

sent by Siddharth Anantharam
October 5, 2023

Elevate Your Morale (M1)

Why This Matters

Your Biggest Challenge: Overconfidence

If you are a high performer, chances are that you will skim through this step, considering it unnecessary. Don’t fall into that trap! Your morale is your emotional fuel that requires frequent refilling so you are not running empty. Before you set sight on your next big goal, give yourself an opportunity to refuel, feel proud and celebrate how far you have come already!

In the last 90 days, I am proud of hosting another group of GameChangers at The Breakthrough Weekend, launching the second edition of The Coaching Lab, and recommitting to my fitness journey in preparation for my next expedition. Spending another fantastic birthday with close friends was the cherry on the cake. Acknowledging these have given me a much-needed morale boost, making me feel ready for the last sprint of the year. What about you?

👉 Your Action: List down your 3-5 best achievements across different areas of your life.

  • Career – Want to celebrate something at work? Maybe a project completed or a promotion?

  • Health – Stuck to your promise of eating healthy? Maybe you trained harder than you ever have before?

  • Relationships – Enjoyed a fantastic summer holiday with loved ones? Celebrating a birthday or a special occasion.

🤔 Self Coaching Question: What were 3-5 of my biggest achievements from last quarter?

Capture Your Momentum (M2)

Why does this matter?

Your Biggest Challenge: Paralysis by Analysis

High performers tend to overanalyze, missing the forest for the trees. When you’re overanalyzing, you’re often looking for finish lines crossed – constantly reviewing metrics, checking off KPIs, and measuring ROI. All of this is necessary, but it can also steer you away from recognizing your progress—the start lines, the baby steps, the tiny milestones, and the positive signals that indicate momentum.

In the last 90 days, the traction I gained was in the clarity of my own brand and the direction I want to travel over the next 3 years as I add even more value to my clients. I also started expanding my team to plan for this next phase of my business. What about you?

👉 Action: List down 3-5 areas you’re making progress in.

  • Maybe you noticed an increased user retention on your new product as an entrepreneur?

  • Or you were so focussed on creating new clients this past month but didn’t notice the incredible progress your existing clients are making as a coach?

Identifying where you’re gaining traction can shift your mindset from scarcity to abundance, from confusion to clarity.

🌟 Question: What are 3-5 areas of progress that are making me most confident right now?

Fuel Your Motivation (M3)

Why does this matter?

Your Biggest Challenge: Losing Focus & The Shiny Object Syndrome

While exciting new projects have their own thrill, high performers can often be paralyzed by abundant opportunities and may end up abandoning their core objectives to chase the shiny new object that’s emerged for them right now. The key here is to always ensure that your motivation is a balance of both short term and long term goals and projects. And it doesn’t occupy more than 20% of your total time.

👉 Action: List down 3-5 exciting ideas or developments that are brewing for you right now.

Once you write them down, check in with yourself on how they are aligned with:

  • Your long term goals

  • Your values

🌟 Self Coaching Question: What new possibilities are giving me the greatest sense of excitement going forward?

Identify Your Multipliers (M4)

Why this matters:

Your Biggest Challenge: The Superhero Syndrome

High performers try to do it all, spreading themselves too thin. They say YES to everything without actively stepping back to ask themselves, “Is this the highest leverage use of my time and energy right now?” Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

👉 Action: List out the top 3 projects that will most likely yield tenfold returns over the long run.

A question that has often helped me prioritize the multipliers I am working on is this:

What’s the ONE Thing you can do, such that by doing it, everything else will be easier or unnecessary?

🌟 Self-Coaching Question: Which 3 projects or initiatives, if executed excellently, could serve as the rocket fuel for my business?

A Wish for You

I hope this 4M framework transforms your final quarter into a sprint of extraordinary achievements and soul-satisfying work. May your days be filled with focus, your actions with purpose, and your heart with the joy of meaningful accomplishments.

Journey well, my friend. 🌟

Coach Sid

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