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Finding Your MOJO: The Roadmap Every High-Achiever Needs

sent by Siddharth Anantharam    |   September 14, 2023

sent by Siddharth Anantharam
September 14, 2023

When Success Doesn't Equal Fulfillment

Why Most Entrepreneurs & High Achievers Lose Their MOJO

By the end of this newsletter, my hope is to leave you with a roadmap for yourself and your clients to reclaim lost MOJO and sustain it for a life filled with harmony and fulfillment.

MOJO or NOJO: What's Pulsating Inside You?

Imagine MOJO as your inner jet fuel. It’s the harmonious flow between your limitless vision and your present-moment actions. It’s the secret sauce that gives your entrepreneurial journey its flavor and spice. What Having MOJO or NOJO Feels Like

Now, what does it feel like to not have MOJO? Let’s call this state NOJO. NOJO is a discord between your inner and outer world. While your activities might look great to others, you feel a void inside. NOJO is an imbalance that manifests as unease, discontent, or even emotional flatlining. Life becomes a monotonous loop devoid of passion or purpose.

Why Ignoring Your MOJO Could Be Your Downfall

Think about this: what’s an empire without its emperor? Or a vision without its visionary? Your MOJO is the heartbeat of your entrepreneurial venture.

Imagine trying to enjoy a beautiful beach while it’s raining. You can still appreciate the beauty, but something essential is missing. MOJO is that sunshine. You need it to fully experience the beauty of your life. It’s vital for your emotional health, your relationships, and yeah, for feeling that you’re really in the game, not just watching from the sidelines.

The Coach's Playbook: Light Up That MOJO.

The Five Critical Ingredients of MOJO

To truly help your clients rediscover their MOJO, we must dissect it into its fundamental elements as a coach:


Who you believe you are forms the nucleus of your MOJO. It isn’t about societal labels but your own unique self-perception.

Coaching Question: Are you an entrepreneur at heart or just playing the role?


What you’ve recently accomplished that genuinely makes you feel complete, fulfilled, and impactful. This isn’t about what looks good on paper. It’s about what makes you silently shout, “Yes!” from the core of your being.

Coaching Question: What recent win made you punch the air?


 The mirror society holds up to you. How do others view you, and what do they think about why you are doing what you are?

Coaching Question: Are you building a business or a legacy of impact and influence?


The soul-food! Does what you’re doing today serve a larger purpose, offering long-term value and depth?

Coaching Question: Are your daily actions aligned with your ultimate vision?


The mastery of understanding what you can control, what you can change, and what is irrevocably beyond you.

Coaching Question: What can you control, and where do you need to let go?

3 Counterintuitive Ways To Rediscover Your MOJO

#1 Imperfection is the Gateway to Finding MOJO.

Chasing perfection can be a MOJO-killer. Many high-achievers, obsessed with ideal outcomes, lose touch with their inner selves. The key is to embrace imperfections—not as deficiencies but as unique traits that make you, YOU.

Consider Ankita, a high performing leader I was coaching who was pushing her limits to be the “ideal leader.” Once she embraced her softer, nurturing leadership style, she not only saw increased productivity but also regained her lost MOJO.

Coaching Question: What would progress instead of perfection look like in your project?

#2 The Art of Letting Go Cultivates MOJO.

In the rat race to achieve more, we often end up carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders. The counterintuitive truth is that MOJO often flows back when you learn to let go of things that don’t truly serve your essence.

Here’s a paradox: What got you here might not get you there. Your past successes can chain you, limiting your future possibilities. MOJO needs constant nourishment. It’s about adopting a ‘beginner’s mind,’ every day. You see, MOJO thrives in an atmosphere of freedom. Are you free, or are you held hostage by past glories?

Coaching Question: What daily tasks/ activities really give you energy and what drains your energy? How can you delegate / automate or delete the tasks that no longer serve you?

#3 Vulnerability is the Catalyst for MOJO

What if I told you that showing your authentic, vulnerable self could be the very key to unlocking your stored MOJO? Rahul, another brilliant entrepreneur I coach, experienced this. He began sharing his struggles transparently, leading to lifestyle changes that aligned him inside and out.

As an entrepreneur you need not have it all figured out on your own.

Coaching Question: WHO in your circle can provide the support or feedback that could be your MOJO gamechanger?

Your MOJO isn’t a ‘nice-to-have’; it’s your entrepreneurial lifeline.

It’s what turns mere transactions into transformative experiences, for you and your clients.

Here’s to rediscovering your MOJO and changing the world, one breakthrough at a time. 🌟

Must-Reads to Keep Your MOJO Flowing

P.S: Got a MOJO or NOJO story to share? This community thrives on real-life tales. Let’s keep the conversation rolling in the comments below.

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