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The Coaching Lab

A 3 month immersive group coaching & mentoring program, specifically designed for coaches to:

1. Master the Art & Science of Coaching

2. Learn the Systems & Tools To Create A Successful Coaching Business, that you love!

Starts September 14th, 2023

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The Top #5 Challenges That Most New Coaches Have To Overcome

Most new coaches are passionate, driven and excited to create a difference in the world. They transition into the world of coaching hoping that their passion will see them through. However, they often stumble on one of the following roadblocks which keeps them stuck for a long time.

Challenge #1

The Problem of Overwhelm.

The world of coaching is massive and continuously expanding everyday. The opportunities are limitless and so are the millions of resources available online – so much so that it’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed.

The main problem for new coaches is that instead of relentlessly focusing on what is important, they focus on everything else. They work less effectively because they get distracted by ‘busywork’.  Busywork is easier and more fun than real work but it does not count and won’t lead to success, no matter how intensely you do it.

Here’s how new coaches get busy being busy without any real results:

  1. Hiring a designer to create that perfect new website to showcase their work
  2. Buying the latest social media course to create content online.
  3. Enrolling for another certification to validate their authority in the field.

None of this is the “wrong” thing to do. It’s just not right for the stage of business that most new coaches are at. Instead of doing a lot of different things to keep you busy. the key at this stage is to

“Do a few things but do them really well. To focus on what really counts to make your coaching business successful.”
Ask yourself:

Do you know the few things that will make a BIG difference for you as a new coach?

Challenge #2

The Problem of Confidence.

Too many coaches wait to feel confident before they start coaching and finding clients.

And in order to build their confidence, they do what they feel most comfortable doing – taking another new course, reading another new book or watching another new Youtube video online.

While their hunger for learning is high, it does not actually solve the real problem – finding confidence to actually start coaching.

Do you know what’s the biggest assumption that actually creates this problem in the first place?

It’s the assumption that you need to feel confident BEFORE you begin coaching.

But here’s the truth:

“Confidence is the RESULT and not a REQUIREMENT for you to start off your coaching journey.”

The only way to find CONFIDENCE is to build COMPETENCE to do something long enough till you feel confident doing it even in your sleep. And in this case that means coaching your ass off!

Ask yourself:

How many hours have you actively invested in coaching clients (pro bono or paid) in the past 3 months?

Challenge #3

The Problem of Competing Commitments.

Competing commitments are the hidden unconscious biases that drive the actions we take. They are what comes between our best intentions and our lack of action towards them.

While most new coaches have the highest intention of wanting to make a difference for their clients, it’s their own competing commitments that stops them from actually finding clients to do the work with. It acts as their immunity to change

Competing commitments are stories or beliefs like:

  1. Do I really have what it takes to help clients?
  2. What happens if I am not able to drive the results that clients need?
  3. Can clients really afford me or can I really charge what I deserve here?

This is where it is important for new coaches to work with their own coach or mentor who can mirror their own biases, stories and competing commitments back to them.

Ask yourself:

How commited are you really to make this work?

Challenge #4

The Problem of Financial Security.

It can be scary to transition into a new career even if you know you are born for it.

As human beings unless our fundamental need for safety and security is not met, it becomes difficult to find our creative genius.

Most new coaches are already successful at other jobs or careers. They are earning a decent paycheck that gives them financial security. Yet, it does not fulfill them. And this is what sparks the transition.

While some prefer to go all in, quit their current careers and explore this path, others choose to start off as a part time coach and slowly transition out of what they are doing.

In both cases, it’s not the lack of money that creates the fear of financial security, it’s the uncertainty of not having a clear plan to grow your coaching business that does.

This is where it helps to have clarity on your end customer, define clear packages and create a plan that will help you reach your income goals.

Ask yourself:

Do you have a clear plan of how you want to grow your coaching business over the next 3 years?

Challenge #5

The Problem of Loneliness.

Most new coaches are solopreneurs who are running all aspects of their business. And the truth is this journey can get terribly lonely.

There are so many challenges, frustrations and hurdles to overcome that on some days, you feel paralyzed. And there are very few people in your immediate network who actually get what you are doing, are willing to listen and can actually help you solve the problem.

There’s so much truth in this African proverb;

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”

This is where having a powerful group of peers who are on a similar journey as you are makes a big difference. You no longer have to face your challenges all on your own. On a bad day, you know there’s someone out there you can reach out to – who really gets what you are going through and can support you.

Ask yourself:

Who are the 3 people in your network who can support you on your coaching journey?

Now, you might ask me, Sid, how do you know that these problems exist?

Simple because I have been there.

5 years back when I started coaching, I faced each one of these hurdles.

Some of them I had to overcome on my own by trial and error.

And others, I seeked the help of mentors, master coaches and trainers who could see what I couldn’t see for myself.

This is why I made it my mission to help support new coaches to really accelerate their coaching success. To help them avoid the mistakes I made. To help them benefit from everything I have learned.

So, they don’t have to figure it out all on their own.

Starts September 14th, 2023

Only 5 Spots

Success Story from Past Participants


“Through the Coaching Lab, I learned that we all have conflicting commitments in our mind about what we actually want to do and what our heart desires to do. And addressing that, identifying that, sitting with that, and then taking action towards that to then explore, okay, how far can we go with this? Because only when we step out of that conflict, are we able to then explore how far those capabilities can take us?”

So when I joined the Coaching Lab, I was in a very confused state. I was extremely conflicted between running and managing my consulting business at the time and giving space and attention to the coaching business, which was a new part of my life that I was just beginning to build.

So, that was very hard for me to manage the time, but also then manage my commitments to it. There were also these events that I’d been wanting to create for career women who find themselves stuck in their lives and want something more. This idea came to me back in September or October last year, but as I've already mentioned, I was in this conflicted stage. I couldn't get it off the ground. I was only able to get it off the ground once I was in The Coaching Lab. Because of the work that we did, and I was also able to bring in more authenticity, I was able to bring that bar down for myself. I wouldn't have been able to find the courage to begin these events if not for Coach Sid and the lab. If there's even an ounce of you that says that you should do the Coaching Lab, then you absolutely should!

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Anika Luthra

Founder - Creative Notion Coach-Consultant to High Performing Career Women


“In the Coaching Lab with Sid,I learned more about myself and more about the other people in the lab and how we can be in the world than I ever imagined possible.”

You know, I've had a lot of experience in my life. built a multi-million dollar business. I was a scientist in the Nobel Laureate lab.

I transformed a lot of people's lives before I even came to coaching. And then I had gone through three certification programs. So I had a lot of training. And yet in this lab, I learned more about myself and more about the other people in the lab and how we can be in the world than I ever imagined possible." “I came to the lab, kind of struggling to articulate my story, both to myself so I could be really clear on what that event had done within me and to others. Because the story was there but not framed in a way in which I could really communicate it, it was holding me back. In the Coaching Lab with Sid, we had that one session where we really worked on the framework of crafting and sharing our story and I just went for it. When that happened the inner fabric of the universe opened up and everything that I knew to be true became untrue in a single moment. And then to say, yeah, everything, it felt like everything had been stripped away from me. But what I learned was that nothing can be stripped away from you.You are that essence of who you are.”

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Cheri Stringer

Coach & Trusted Advisor to Visionary Leaders Entrepreneur & Scientist


“In the Coaching Lab, I learned how to do things more efficiently. Learned a better approach as far as coaching goes. And then business was absolutely right on target on steps I could take and have taken to feel very comfortable in my value, in my knowledge, and me getting out there.”

I didn't have any focus on business. didn't know how to do business. I didn't know what steps to take to promote my coaching business. I was working full time in the hospital. And coming out of the coaching certifications doesn't mean that I had the next steps I needed to take to call myself a coach..

So Coach Sid, when I first saw this program being offered, it was that if we go back to swimming, it was that life preserver. It's like, oh, I’m going to have some help with this. Oh, I’m going to have this broken down into some actionable steps that I can take. In the Coaching Lab, I learned how to do things more efficiently. Learned a better approach as far as coaching goes. And then business was absolutely right on target on steps I could take and have taken to feel very comfortable in my value, in my knowledge, and me getting out there.
I've left a full-time hospital job to transition coaching, and this is exactly what I needed to get there. So anybody who is thinking about jumping on it, it's worth it!

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Dana Havard

Coach - Consultant to New Mothers

The Coaching Lab

“What’s a program that I wish existed, when I was starting off my coaching journey?” This is the question I asked myself when I created this program.

The answer was The Coaching Lab – an experiential process that gives you both the tools and the practical experience to transition into coaching successfully.

The Coaching Lab is a 3 month immersive group coaching program for new coaches, specifically designed with 2 objectives:

  1. Master the Art & Science of Coaching
  2. . Learn the Systems & Tools To Create A Successful Coaching Business, that you love!
It is distilled from my experience of having conducted thousands of hours of individual and group coaching, mentoring other coaches and applying the same principles to my own coaching practice. I’ve also had the unique opportunity to directly learn from some of the top master coaches out there who now happen to be close friends. What you will learn here are the secrets behind some of the successes of some of the top coaches out there.

The Coaching Lab will help you…

Do the hard things that make a BIG difference in your coaching practice.

1. Limit your priorities to a handful - to make decisions simple

2. Focus like a laser on your first steps as a coach - next 6 months to 1 year.

3. Find confidence to put yourself out there as a coach.

4. Gain mastery in your own coaching skills.

5. Make exponential progress in building your coaching business.

About Coach Sid

Siddharth is the Master Coach to leaders, coaches, and entrepreneurs who seek to play a bigger game – both in life and at work. Also known as ‘The Coach’s Coach’, he has trained thousands of coaches in the Art and Science of coaching as the Master Coach at Evercoach by Mindvalley – the world’s largest platform for coaches.

He is a master at empowering people to live a life of freedom, purpose and impact where they dream bigger, grow calmer, get fitter, and unleash their creative genius into the world.

Siddharth also has a gift of bringing teams and communities together through breakthrough experiences that create more clarity, purpose, and results.

Siddharth is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and a senior practitioner of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

His clients include the next generation of leaders at Fortune 500 companies, founders of leading startups and their teams and changemakers who are pushing humanity forward.

The Learning Curriculum

Here are the 2 core pillars that the Coaching Lab will focus on:

The Art & Science of Powerful Coaching

Systems & Tools to Build Your Coaching Business

The Structure of the Coaching Lab

The Coaching Lab is a curated group for a maximum of 8 top coaches only.

Each participant is personally curated by me to ensure the group benefits the most from the community

The program will run for 3 months from September – Dec 2023.

Each call will be focussed on mentoring you around the 2 pillars -building your coaching skills and building your coaching business. These calls will be at least 90 minutes each and recordings will be available in case you are not able to make it live, although it’s highly encouraged that you do.
It’s time to get on the hot seat. Each one of you will get on the hot seat and I will coach you through the biggest challenge or roadblock you are experiencing in your coaching practice. The secret is, your problem might just be another person’s roadblock too. Or you may just find someone in the community who has successfully overcome it and is willing to support you?
Each month we will take on a challenge as a community and hold each other accountable. The intention here is to make this process FUN while making progress together. Expect weekly check-ins on your goals as we play this game together.
Most Coaches find it hard to celebrate their progress and ask for help. Which is why this private community exists – to celebrate each other’s wins, connect deeply and share our challenges as they crop up. Experience peer power to push you forward.

What Students Are Saying About Coach Sid

“The Coaching labs were challenging and fun. He is really committed to giving his all in the sessions

( as were all the other coaches I have to say), and he is really knowledgeable and amazing at what he does. I felt in such good hands learning from the best while having such a great space created for me to grow as a Coach and a person. I will remember this experience for the rest of my life. It changed the way I coach and I am very grateful for it. I will miss Sid the wise.”

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Erika Dolnackova


“How he enabled the deep sinking of OMIRR right into my bones in a fantastically facilitated coaching lab!

OMIRR is how I bagged my first client in a demo session. It's crazy how a simple setting of an outcome can lead to a truly constructive coaching conversation. I also especially love Coach Sid's demo session videos where his style is what I most align with. I like how he talks little, almost never advices and listens deeply and asks that amazing next question that is leading the client closer to the outcome they were seeking in the first place.”

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Suman Sethuraman


“I love Sid's openness, clear way of communicating, and demonstration of deep listening and presence during

Q&A elements, he really was an exceptional model of what is being taught on the program. I felt I really benefitted a lot from this. One of my favorite coaching demos was Sid demonstrating OMIRR & I was blown away by how simple the approach was & how deep the coaching session went. Truly exceptional Sid, I enjoyed mentoring with you so much. Thank you”

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Joanne Gillard

United Kingdom

“Clear clever guidance, leadership, and support. Understanding, patient, and truly interested in making

sure we all understood the topic and the way we should ask questions and interact as coaches. The knowledge and the way he delivers the messages filled me with insights. His kindness and patience shine and he is so gentle and caring. Coach Sid is a true professional and I love the way he asks questions and coaches. A true inspiration. Thank you for all the hard work Coach Sid!”

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Francesca Bragagnini


“What he was able to accomplish week over week with a variety of backgrounds is amazing.

I rearranged my work schedule to make sure I could make his Thurs morning sessions after seeing his recorded coaching sessions. His principal application is incredible and something I am personally striving for.”

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United States

“Coach Sid's labs were the best thing every week for me. The way he connects to each and every one

of us every week, is just mind-blowing. His pods were full of such great insights that not only helped us grow as better coaches but it has also helped me reflect and improve on things around my life too. He has such a wealth of knowledge and he doesn't hold it back. He is a giver and as our mentor, I always felt that he wants us to reach great heights in our coaching career. With him by our side, I always felt comfortable and not judged. If I were to go and get coached for anything, I'll always choose Coach Sid as my coach. Thank you Coach Sid for making this journey so beautiful.”

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Neha Jaiswal


Limited Time Bonuses

Only for a limited time, I am offering two bonuses that in itself would be worth your investment in this program. I want to help you play a bigger game and these bonuses are my way of helping you do just that.


A 2.5 hour group intensive with me where I support you to get crystal clarity on your goals for the next decade and the next year. You will walk away with a living, ever evolving manifesto of your life’s vision.



the end of the program and anytime during this year, you get to book me for a 60 minute deep coaching call on a goal of your choice.


Your Investment

Here’s everything you get at a glance



Working with me 1-on-1 would require you to invest anywhere between
$15000 - $50,000.

However, I want to make this opportunity available at a massive discount to set you up for massive success in 2023 and beyond.

A deposit of $2000 reserves your spot. The rest can be paid via 3 payment plans of $500 each over the 3 months of the program.

Starts September 14th, 2023

Only 5 Spots

Answering all your questions about  
The Coaching Lab

The Coaching Lab is a 3-month immersive group coaching and mentoring program designed specifically for new coaches. It’s a transformative journey that empowers you to master the art and science of coaching while equipping you with the systems and tools to create a successful coaching business you’ll love.

The Coaching Lab is tailor-made for new coaches who are passionate about making a difference in the world through coaching. If you’re looking to overcome common challenges, build confidence, and establish a thriving coaching practice, this program is a perfect fit for you.

This program addresses the top 5 challenges that most new coaches face: overwhelm, confidence issues, competing commitments, financial security concerns, and the feeling of loneliness in the solopreneur journey. Through a carefully crafted curriculum and supportive community, you’ll tackle these challenges head-on.

The Coaching Lab is more than just a mentoring program. It combines the wisdom of coaching mastery with the practicalities of building a successful coaching business. It’s designed to provide a holistic approach to growth, offering both professional expertise and personal relatability. Unlike other programs that focus on theory, the Coaching Lab focuses deeply on application and learning by doing. It is curated for an intimate group creating time and space for deeper learning and action.

By joining The Coaching Lab, you’ll gain the skills and confidence to conduct powerful coaching conversations, establish a clear coaching niche, create irresistible coaching packages, and develop a mindset that propels you toward success. You’ll also benefit from a supportive community and mentorship from Coach Sid himself.

The Coaching Lab spans over 3 months. It includes 3 live mentoring calls and 1 mastermind and deep coaching call each month. You’ll also engage in monthly challenges and accountability activities. Additionally, you’ll have access to a private community group where you can connect, share wins, and seek support.

Absolutely! Whether you’re transitioning into coaching full-time or starting as a part-time coach, The Coaching Lab is designed to accommodate your schedule. The program’s flexible structure ensures that you can actively participate and benefit from the experience, regardless of your current commitments.

Coach Sid’s journey from overcoming these challenges himself to becoming a successful coach and mentor gives him a unique perspective. His blend of eastern wisdom, western psychology, and personal experiences creates a relatable and motivating learning environment. Feel free to explore his content and approach to see if it resonates with you. You can read his weekly newsletter – Coach with Confidence here.

Participants of The Coaching Lab receive two valuable bonuses: the “Envision Your Future Intensive,” where Coach Sid helps you gain clarity on your long-term goals, and a 1-on-1 deep coaching call with Coach Sid. These bonuses are designed to further enhance your growth and development.

The investment for The Coaching Lab is $3500. However, if you join before August 31st, 2023, or opt to pay the full amount upfront, you’ll benefit from a reduced investment of $3000. A deposit of $2000 reserves your spot, and the rest can be paid through convenient payment plans.

While attending live sessions is encouraged, we understand that life can sometimes get busy. All live sessions will be recorded, allowing you to catch up at your convenience. This way, you won’t miss out on any of the valuable content or interactions. However, we highly encourage you to join them live to get the maximum benefit from the program

Enrolling in The Coaching Lab is simple. Fill out the enrollment form provided on our website, and once your goals are reviewed, you will receive an email with next steps to complete the deposit payment and secure your spot. If you have any additional questions before enrolling, feel free to reach out to our support team on [email protected]

Starts September 14th, 2023

Only 5 Spots

What Students Are Saying About Coach Sid

“Coach Sid has amazing, warm, and calm energy. His insights and the way he naturally guided us with

quiet confidence. He was a true role model for how a great coach should be – empathetic, listening, and asking open questions, while at the same time teaching us all about how to become great coaches ourselves.”

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“Coach Sid truly embodied a present, nonjudgemental mentor who created beautiful insights live and always

presented a beautiful twist to challenges that were presented to him. He is inspiring and really lives up to the material that was presented to us in this program. Plus he's got such zen to him... lovely persona.”

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“Sid was truly madly incredibly inspiring every single week. As soon as he explained something it

immediately made total sense. I am in awe of him He has wisdom way beyond his years, his patience and understanding were incredible, and the way he encouraged us all and made us truly believe that we can be great coaches was just beautiful. From the bottom of my heart thank you Sid.”

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“Sid was incredible- I have been through other coaching trainings before and even though familiar

material was covered, it was done in such a hands-on and scientific way that made this training all the more valuable!”

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Marcia Drake

United States