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How To Stand Out As A Coach: 6 Ways To Carve Your Own Unique Footprint

sent by Siddharth Anantharam    |   March 30, 2023

sent by Siddharth Anantharam
March 30, 2023

In my recent group mentoring session one of the coaches asked me “With so many other coaches out there, how do I stand out? I don’t know what makes me truly unique.”

So many coaches I know have this question running in their minds. They have something to share with the world. They have a contribution to make. Yet they shrink back from putting themselves out there.

One of the recurring reasons for this is because they assume that the leading experts in the field must have some unique talent or insight that they have yet to learn.

So they put their heads down and do what is easiest to do at this point – They blend in. They do what other coaches are doing, hoping that they will stumble on their own uniqueness.

However, here’s a truth that leadership coach Robin Sharma expresses beautifully,

To have the results that only 5% of the population has, you must be willing to do only what 5% of the population is willing to do.

Or as I like to put it, “Do the OPPOSITE. Do what 95% of the population is not doing.”

Here are 6 ways to STAND OUT and carve your own unique footprint as a coach.

1. Your Brand = Your Story.

Your Brand = Your Story

Your brand is your story. It’s what sets you apart from any other coach out there.

To stand out as a coach, you need to craft your story in a way that showcases your values, passions, strengths, conflicts and your mission.

Most coaches make the mistake of writing their story for themselves. Your story needs to be written so that it speaks deeply to your target audience.

For eg: I was speaking to a coach who’s core expertise is breathwork. He shared with me his story from almost a decade ago when the lower half of his body had been paralyzed in an almost fatal accident. The one thing that helped him heal and reestablish the relationship with his body was his breath. Since then he has trained thousands of people across the world to grow and heal using the power of their breath.

His story was so powerful that it inspired me to connect and get coached by him.

The next time you wonder what makes you unique, remember this quote from Dr. Seuss

Today you are YOU. That is truer than true. There is nobody alive that is YOU’er than You.

There is nothing YOU’er than you than the story of everything you’ve had to overcome to become who you are today. Share it openly and powerfully without holding back.

2. Blend Different Worlds Together.

Blend Different Worlds Together

I recently attended a week long training on theater and drama. I’m integrating everything I learned there into helping my clients craft a new identity.

Last year I went on a 16 day long expedition to the Himalayas. I have integrated everything I learned there into coaching my clients to push through barriers and build a better relationship with their body.

You will not stand out as a coach if you read the same books other coaches are reading or attend the same training and experiences that other coaches are attending.

In his book the Medicci effect, Frans Johansson says that:

You can ignite the explosion of extraordinary ideas by bringing together different disciplines and cultures and searching for places where they connect.

Innovation happens when there is Idea Sex – where you can combine ideas from two different worlds to come up with an even better idea. And this is where you will find your unique essence as a coach.

3. Focus on Experiences, not Explanations

Focus on Experiences, not Explanations

Most coaches are trying hard to explain what makes them different. Don’t be like other coaches.

Invite people to experience the difference with you.

Invite them into a powerful 1-on-1 coaching conversation. Invite them as a guest to a group coaching call. Invite them to an event you are speaking at where they get to see you in action.

What makes you unique is often difficult to put into words. But it can be demonstrated.

When your client’s experience who you are, you satisfy their curiosity and create innate desire. And people are willing to pay you for what they truly desire.

4. Value, Value, Value.

Value, Value, Value

Alex Hormozi in his book $100m offers shares what he calls the Value Equation which I absolutely love.

Want to create tremendous value for your clients?

– Get them a step closer to their dream outcome.

– Increase their chance of winning.

– Decrease the time they take.

– Decrease the effort/ sacrifices they need to make to get there.

The best way to demonstrate your value is to share case studies or stories of clients who you have helped achieve the above. They speak for themselves and are a walking talking representation of what makes you truly unique.

5. Create & Connect like a Thought Leader

Create & Connect like a Thought Leader

Most coaches wish to become thought leaders in their fields. But they forget that becoming a thought leader requires two distinct elements

  1. CREATING new ideas, thoughts and perspectives consistently that challenge the status quo and the norm.
  2. CONNECTING with your community’s dreams, desires and challenges. Also connecting people who share these with each other.

Thought leadership is about a lot more than just making money. It’s about solving real problems and consistently making a difference in a way that creates value for others and for yourself. 

True thought leadership requires you to be brave, open up and share yourself with the world with the risk that your ideas may be shot down. This is where you become a unique gift to the world.

6. Walk Your Talk

Walk Your Talk

I have seen coaches who do all of the above and yet not stand out. This is because they are missing the most important ingredient – BEING who they say they are.

The true test of uniqueness for me is this, “Do you do what you coach your clients to do? Are you who you want your clients to BE?”

At the very essence, your authenticity to walk you talk, to do the work and continuously be on the journey of growth and mastery is what makes you truly STAND OUT as a coach.

By implementing these 6 strategies, you can differentiate yourself from most other coaches out there and create a unique coaching business that makes a meaningful impact on the world.

Are you ready to do what 95% of the population is not doing? And see the results that only 5% are achieving?

Which of these 6 strategies do you wish to do more of in your coaching practice? 

Share with me in the comments below.

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